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News Archives

Here we will list interesting historical data and other articles that are worthy of storage.


Older news briefs


All Hail the Master

11 April 2010:
I am saddened to inform that George Barrie "Bert" Sculpher the Master Hot Metal Typesetter that kept Calrose Typesetters going strong for some 28 years has passed away peacefully in his sleep. He leaves his wife Jean, son Warwick and daughter Tracey who are grateful for all the love and good wishes they are receiving.

Calrose Typesetters will continue in the same spirit as before with Kalle in charge. He has been the apprentice typesetter for almost 3 years and can provide all the required hot metal type and spacing that you require.


World Cup heat

25 March 2010:
Please note. We are right on the edge of the traffic exclusion boundary for the Ellis Park Stadium, we may have parking issues during the World Cup if the matches coincide with our working days.


Easter Break

17 March 2010:
We will be closed for 2 weeks this Easter. Our last day will be 25 March or if we have taken on too much work we will come in on the 26 March to complete it. The days we are closed will be 30 March, 1, 6 and 8 April. We will be open again on 13 April as usual.


Summer Heat

8 January 2009:
A new year is upon us. It is so hot the type metal is almost melting by itself. We will be back at the casters on the 13th January, business as usual.


Spring Fever

27 August 2008:
There have been a number of new private Letterpress hobby printers appearing. In the last two weeks we have had three new faces in to visit. Looks like South Africa may at last be seeing the start of the revival that has been going strong in the US and UK for quite some time. Presses are a bit hard to come by locally so if you know of any idle presses please send us an email to info at with details, there may be a good home waiting for it.


Jingle Bells

15 November 2007:
Please remember that we are closed for the festive season. Our last day is 13 December and we will be open again on the 15 January 2008. As a service to our established clients we may do one typesetting run during the holidays in the event of an unexpected emergency. Seasonal cheer to all.


Hot Metal

11 October 2007:
We have done our leading cast and have fresh lead in stock in all the strandard sizes, get it while it's hot.


Summer Days

2 October 2007:
The busy season is upon us. Please send your orders as early in the day as possible so that they are ready in time. Sometimes we are idle in the morning and your late orders get pushed to the next shift because they all come in the afternoon. Be proactive.